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Skycure seamlessly identifies and notifies users and IT personnel about mobile device attacks, and then applies protection based on IT policy. This is achieved by our patent-pending technology, without meddling with either business or personal activity on the device.

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Skycure Advantages


We believe security shouldn’t harm user experience. Our solution was designed to be seamless, both for the system administrator and for the end user. You can be protected without any exta burden.

Cross platform
Cross Platform

iOS vs Android? It should remain your choice. Unlike other solutions, Skycure runs on iOS and Android alike. Whether it is a BYOD fleet or corporate-owned one, we can secure it all.

Built for enterprise
Built For Enterprise

Skycure is designed for easy deployment and low-maintanence in any enterprise environment. With or without MDM, hosted or on-premise installation — Skycure will suit your needs.


Security is first and foremost about awareness. Our admin console shows you what you miss. Is your organization exposed? Malicious hotspots? Risky geographical locations? Affected employees? …

Cross platform
Entire Device Protection

Our innovation lies at the unique, intelligent protection we provide. Unlike other solutions — MDM, containerization, tunneling — Skycure protects the entire device without affecting UX.

Built for enterprise
Crowd Wisdom

Every Skycure-enabled device is a security sensor. We utilize the collective data this provides for the benefit of all Skycure devices. Fighting network threats together is far more effective.

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