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Skycure seamlessly identifies and notifies users and IT personnel about mobile device attacks, and then applies protection based on IT policy. This is achieved by our patent-pending technology, without meddling with either business or personal activity on the device.

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Skycure Advantages


Skycure’s patent-pending technology secures your device without affecting your day to day experience

We’ve designed our solution to ensure a seamless user experience – both for the system administrator and for the end user. With such a low footprint on the ecosystem, you will forget that an advanced security system is running on your mobile device.
Cross platform
Cross Platform

Running on iOS and Android, Skycure empowers organizations to securely adopt BYOD

Different employees have different preferences, but this doesn’t mean you need to complicate your policies or compromise your company’s security status. Skycure’s solution provides you with unparalleled visibility into your organization’s mobile security state – regardless of the specific mobile platform your employees are using.
Built for enterprise
Built For Enterprise

Skycure’s management console is built to enable organizations detect, protect, and remediate security incidents

We’ve designed our solution for easy deployment, to require low-maintenance, and offer intuitive and unparalleled insight into your company’s mobile security state. Whether your organization already has an MDM or not, or if you prefer to work with a hosted or on-premise installation – Skycure’s solution is built to fit you.

Skycure’s solution provides you with unparalleled visibility into your company’s state of mobile security, finally.

How vulnerable is your organization to mobile security threats? Are there geographical locations or specific WiFis that expose your sensitive organizational resources to a higher risk? With Skycure, you will finally be able to answer those questions.
Cross platform
Device Level Protection

Device-level protection is the only way to protect your apps and containers from external and internal threats

Skycure protects against attacks from the network on the device, as well as attacks from the device on the organizational network. Our innovation lies at the intelligent device-level protection we provide, like no other.
Built for enterprise
Crowd Wisdom

Benefit from the collective wisdom and contribute to the most comprehensive mobile security community.

Skycure’s solution enables you to utilize the network of thousands of network sensors already installed and collecting information around the world. As a member of this community you will benefit from the collective wisdom and ensure your mobile devices are more secure than ever before.

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Securing your employees’ devices is the key to a successful BYOD adoption. At the intersection of app-level protection and network monitoring, Skycure’s device-level security is the only solution for your company’s mobility needs on both iOS and Android devices. Combined with Skycure’s hosted management services, you get a truly seamless mobile security solution for your end-users – as well as for your IT team.
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Our research group is constantly focused on uncovering mobile security threats. If you would like to learn more about the threats your organization is exposed to and how Skycure can help you mitigate them, please register below.

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