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Transform Your Enterprise Mobility Risk Management

Skycure Mobile Threat Defense adds proactive capabilities to your existing EMM, MDM and SIEM solutions. Now, detect and stop future mobile attacks before incurring the tangible and intangible costs of a data breach.

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of your mobile devices will face a NETWORK EXPOSURE in the next 4 months


of devices are running OUT-OF-DATE OS with high-severity vulnerabilities


Android devices have MALICIOUS APPS installed

Findings from the Skycure 2015 Mobile Threat Intelligence Report, which compiled the results from millions of monthly mobile security tests.

Why Skycure?


Stay ahead of hackers anywhere in the world, and conduct mobile-first business without security compromises. Skycure’s patent-pending Crowd Wisdom Engine, Active Honeypot and world-renowned Research Labs provide the most useful Mobile Threat Intelligence to Skycure’s powerful big data analytics—deriving actionable insights from even the most massive data lakes.

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Defend all mobile attack vectors from hackers—including physical and network threats, malware, app and OS vulnerabilities, and zero-day attacks. Skycure turns any iOS or Android device into a sensor that can proactively collect vital Mobile Threat Intelligence that is beyond the reach of EMM, MDM and other traditional IT security solutions.

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Automate remediation and enable EMM, MDM and SIEM to proactively enforce security policies on any iOS or Android device. Skycure assesses real-time Risk Scores for devices that fluctuate depending on the device and user’s context. Whether a user enters a high-risk zone or Skycure detects a zero-day attack or malware, mobile security thresholds adapt to the situation, striking the right balance between security and uninterrupted mobile productivity.

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Ensure rapid Skycure adoption and continuous satisfaction by providing the best user experiences. Skycure maintains a minimal footprint on devices and does not invade user privacy or disrupt productivity. Built to excel in the cloud, Skycure does not make heavy demands on devices as with containerization and VPN tunneling. In fact, Skycure apps are publically listed on Apple and Google’s stores with great ratings and reviews.


Armed with the most useful mobile threat data in the world, Skycure researchers at Skycure’s world-renowned research labs in Israel and Palo Alto, California have discovered and socialized critical new vulnerabilities and unknown threats, including: “No iOS Zone”, Malicious Profiles, Invisible Malicious Profiles, WifiGate, Accessibility Clickjacking, and LinkedOut. Skycure research leaders emphasize the importance of leveraging crowd wisdom to continually strengthen the mobile security community: united we stand, divided we get hacked.

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Seamlessly integrate Skycure with leading EMM and MDM solutions—plug and play. Also connect Skycure via REST API to other enterprise systems and leverage Exchange email integration to help enforce adoption on BYO devices.

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Skycure on NBC’s The Today Show

Watch The Today Show react with shock to the mobile threats revealed by Skycure, exposing just how vulnerable the cast and crew’s devices really are.

Global Real-time Mobile Threat Map

Skycure conducts millions of security tests every month to reveal hundreds of thousands of mobile threats around the world that were identified via crowd wisdom. How safe is your destination?

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“Skycure actually predicts attacks and can help you prevent them. When you have more than 35,000 mobile devices to secure like we do, that’s crucial. Using Skycure gives us visibility into the threats around us and allows us to make decisions based on facts rather than hunches.”

—Richard Moore,Head of Information Security at New York Life


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Mobile Threat Protection: A Holistic Approach to Securing Mobile Data and Devices

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BYOD & Mobile Security Report

Download this comprehensive report to get insights regarding the latest challenges of securing enterprise mobility and the technology choices that organizations are making.

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