#1 Mobile Security App for Business Users

100% Security. ZERO Footprint.

Traditional mobile security solutions have forced businesses to compromise on different use-cases. For the first time in the history of mobile security, or security in general, there is a solution that is loved equally by the end users, IT teams and the CISOs.

Why do you need to protect your mobile device?

Hackers are constantly targeting business users to get their hands on sensitive and valuable information. They can access this information in one of the following three ways:

Compromise the device
by luring you to download a malicious app
Compromise the Wi-Fi network
your device is connected to
Exploit a vulnerability
in one of the legitimate apps or the operating system

Mobile Security Tips

Keep your operating system up to date.
Did You Know?

Skycure Research Labs has detected at least one vulnerability in most of the past major releases of iOS.

Only download apps from the official app stores.
Did You Know?

Third party App Stores are up to 72 times more likely to contain malware than Apple’s App Store and Google Play

Don’t conduct sensitive business on FREE Wi-Fi Networks
Did You Know?

8% of all malicious Wi-Fi networks have the word “FREE” in their name?

How to use Skycure? Simply download and turn ON the app!

It’s simple! Skycure runs in the background and offers 24×7 mobile threat protection without impacting your privacy, experience or battery life.

“I don’t have to go do anything special. I use the device the way it was shipped. I don’t see any impact on battery. I know that my work related data is secure and I know that my personal data is secure, and that I can trust that I have complete privacy. Skycure has definitely increased my efficiency, my effectiveness, and made me more productive, just because I’m more secure on my mobile device.”

- Luciano Venezia, ITSM Process Manager, RNDC

Skycure Benefits For End Users

Some have called it as “easy as installing a game”
No impact on your mobile experience, performance or battery (never above 3%)
Seamless experience even when under attack
No personal information (browsing history, cookies, location, pictures, videos, etc.) is viewed, analyzed, stored or shared
Skycure’s multi-layered defense guarantees low bandwidth usage for both BYOD and COPE users

Too much to remember?

Just download the Skycure app from the official app stores and leave mobile security concerns and the hackers, behind you for ever and ever.