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Mobile Enterprise Security

Skycure was designed from the ground up as a full-scale enterprise mobile threat defense solution to solve all mobile security use cases. It was designed to be platform agnostic and to work on any device, on any network, anywhere. Customers often ask us what exactly is Skycure? Is it a mobile IPS? A mobile IDS? A mobile firewall? A mobile anti-virus? The answer? ALL of it in a single unified public app.

Skycure is an aggregate security solution that includes:

  • Malware defense (like AV )
  • Network defense (like IDS/IPS/firewall)
  • Vulnerability management (like patch management)
  • Threat intelligence (like Mobile Application Reputation Service (MARS) )
  • Big data forensics (like breach analytics tools)
  • Risk management prioritization (like mobile SIEM)
  • Next gen malware protection (like APT solutions)

Learn more about how Skycure technology protects mobile enterprises from cyber threats.