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Insurance, Banking, and Financial Services

One of the most breached and most regulated vertical is the financial industry. It is for this reason, financial organizations are ahead of the curve in adopting the latest and the greatest security solutions. The selection criteria is also very strict and requires that the solution meets various industry standards.

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Aetna’s Holistic and Multi-layered Approach to Mobile Security

Learn how Aetna, one of the largest insurance companies in the U.S. and globally, used Skycure to perform 28 million network tests and analyze 3.4 million apps to detect and automatically mitigate more than 650 threats.

Mobile Security Use Cases for Finance

Secure High-risk Data

Financial data generally is one of the highest risk data any organization has. Skycure secures not just the mobile device but also all data stored on and accessed through it.

Support Multiple Device Types

Secure mobile access and financial transactions originating from multiple device types – smartphones, tablets, kiosks and POS systems.

Secure the Mobile Workforce

Secure mobile access for executives who are always on the go connecting to public Wi-Fi networks at the hotels and airports.

Automate Compliance

Automate reporting, deliver security patches much before formal notification from Apple and Google, enable risk-based access from compromised endpoints to minimize the risk of data breach and meet industry regulations such as PCI.

New York Life Transforms Insurance with MobileIron and Skycure

Layered mobile security helps New York Life improve customer service and protect employee and customer data