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Healthcare Mobile Security

Healthcare is one of the most regulated and one of the most breached verticals every year. Why? Because a healthcare record sells for up to 10 times more money than a financial record in the black market.

70% of Doctors

use mobility to manage patient data: A growth from 8% just 2 years ago.
Roughly in the same timeframe

number of breaches increased by 60%

Data breaches cost the healthcare industry

$6 Billion annually

Department of Health and Human Services reports 9% of all major healthcare breaches last year came from a mobile device that was not laptop. Read more about these and other mobile security trends in the recent Skycure Mobile Threat Intelligence Report on Healthcare.

Mobile Security Use Cases for Healthcare

Secure Shared Clinical Mobile Devices

In the healthcare space, devices and users usually do not have a one-to-one relationship. Secure all mobile access independent of the owner or the device type.

Enable Secure Mobile Access

Provide a secure and easy user experience across devices so that healthcare staff can efficiently access clinical systems, EMR, patient data and other resources

Improve Patient Experience

Safely enable more use cases, streamline workflows and improve patient experience by mobilizing without compromise.

Address Regulatory Compliance

Meet compliance regulations through secure mobile access, automated reporting, remote device wipe and plugging data leaks originating from network, malware or vulnerability exploits.

How Healthcare CISOs Can Secure Mobile Devices

View this webinar with Jim Routh, CSO at Aetna, and Adi Sharabani, CEO and co-founder at Skycure, and learn how to create a mobile environment that is HIPAA compliant, secure, resilient and enables employees for increased productivity.