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Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution

Manufacturing, retail and distribution have a different set of challenges as compared to other industries. They are not as heavily regulated as Finance and Healthcare but certainly have to follow certain trade, local and government regulations. With the convergence of digital and physical commerce, many small and large businesses are using Skycure to enhance customer engagement, secure mobile workforce, streamline operations and maintain competitive edge.

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Learn how RNDC uses Skycure to Secure More Than $900 Million of Inventory

RNDC extended security controls beyond the 4 walls by successfully mitigating malicious activity on 5000 devices just by putting Skycure on them

Mobile Security Use Cases for Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution

Secure Shared Devices

Devices and users in retail usually do not have a one-to-one relationship. Secure all mobile access independent of the owner or the device type.

Deploy Without Email

Securely deploy Skycure on field devices with or without email access for secured business continuity

Modernize Operations

Using Skycure, retailers can remotely secure both fixed and mobile POS systems from a single location.

Improve PCI Compliance

Automate reporting, deliver security patches much before formal notification from Apple and Google, enable risk-based access from compromised endpoints to minimize the risk of data breach.

Three Secrets to Becoming a Mobile Security Superhero

Attend this webinar to hear from a real mobile security superhero, John Dickson, Director of IT at RNDC, the second largest distributor of beer and wine in the U.S.