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Oil & Gas

Oil and gas companies provide a crucial infrastructure component for cities, regions, states, and countries across the globe. They produce the energy that powers everything from cars and homes to laptops and mobile devices. This industry finds itself in a unique position as they blend traditional equipment with modern technology and computing. This blend has had advantages for the industry but has also left potential holes in their security architectures.

In fact, according to industry consultant Deloitte LLP, attacks have already occurred: 75% of natural gas companies fell victim to a cyber-attack in 2016. Though previously not considered an attractive target, hackers are becoming increasingly interested in infrastructure-based targets. That’s why it is more crucial than ever for oil and gas companies to proactively bridge their security gaps and keep mobile devices and data safe for employees, partners, and contractors.

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Read Deloitte’s new report “An integrated approach to combat cyber risk: Securing industrial operations in oil and gas” which outlines vulnerabilities, risks, and potential solutions for the oil and gas industry.

Mobile Security Use Cases for Oil & Gas

Secure High-Risk Data

Oil and gas companies have tremendous intellectual properties ranging from data on expeditions, proprietary machinery, formulas, and financial records. Use Skycure to ensure that mobile devices – and the data contained within – stay 100% safe and secure.

Protect Your Brand

Make sure that your customers – which include global governments – trust that your operations and data are kept safe. An attack that exposes their data or disrupts their energy flow would be potentially catastrophic for any brand.

Plug "Open" Gates & Leaks

Power plants are huge and involve a plethora of moving parts. Have the peace of mind that mobile devices are patched and only connecting to authorized WI-FI networks. This closes the two most common entry points for mobile attackers: device vulnerabilities and fake WI-FI networks.

Secure a Distributed Workforce

The energy industry doesn’t just rely on employees but also a huge community of contractors and partners. Maintain seamless, coherent mobile security across all persons involved in your oil and gas operations.

Risk-based Enterprise Mobile Security

Master the technology landscape of enterprise mobile security and learn why traditional technologies need to evolve into risk-based security.