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Hospitality and Aviation Mobile Security

It would not be wrong to say that this industry has a lot at stake tied to their reputation. Just a single bad news about a hacking incident in a hotel or an airline can bring the revenue tumbling down and can have a long lasting impact. Technology has now become an essential add-on service that this vertical has to offer. Given the number of people who interact with these services on a daily basis and their expectations around them, it has become very difficult for companies to maintain security. Skycure can not only protect employees of these global organizations from mobile threats, but also the brand by using crowd-sourced intelligence to easily find the fake versions of the Wi-Fi networks and apps posing as the original brand.

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See How Easy it is For Someone to Fake Your Brand

Skycure’s recent study on the world’s most dangerous tourist destinations

Mobile Security Use Cases for Aviation and Hospitality

Protect The Brand

Protect your brand by identifying fake Wi-Fi networks and apps created under your brand name (e.g. United FREE Wi-Fi, Hilton Wi-Fi)

Secure “Open” Gates

Plug open vulnerabilities, maintain separation between public and corporate networks, and stop hackers from creating havoc through the public Wi-Fi networks your company offers

Secure POS Systems

Using Skycure, organizations can remotely secure both fixed and mobile POS systems from a single location.

Automate Compliance

Automate reporting, deliver security patches before formal notifications from Apple and Google, enable risk-based access from compromised endpoints.

Risk-based Enterprise Mobile Security

Master the technology landscape of enterprise mobile security and learn why traditional technologies need to evolve into risk-based security.