Skycure MARS:
Mobile Application Reputation Service

On-demand App Analysis for Risk, Privacy and Data Leakage

Skycure MARS provides on-demand app analysis to give enterprises a simple yet comprehensive way to verify the security of any mobile app, helping to keep personal and corporate data safe and secure.

“Different from Mobile Threat Defense (MTD), Mobile App Reputation Services (MARS) products focus on identifying leaky apps — i.e., apps that can put enterprise data at risk.”

Comprehensive App Analysis

Apps are the lifeblood of every mobile device and a key area of vulnerability. Mobile apps can introduce risk into an organization in a variety of ways. Malware, designed with malicious intent, gets a lot of attention and certainly must be protected against, but even non-malicious apps can cause problems for organizations. Examples include providing unintended leak paths for sensitive data, accessing sensitive user, account or location information that is not necessary for the app’s functions, or sending data to unauthorized countries.

This is why Skycure has extended the technology from its automated app analysis, a key feature of our Mobile Threat Defense solution, into an on-demand product for offline analysis of commercial apps and proactive testing of internally developed apps. In fact, it’s even better in that it provides detailed information about each app in an extensive report (see below) to help drive and enforce the specific policies that are critical to your particular industry. This market-leading app analysis platform, grounded in robust mobile app reputation service (MARS) principles, provides enterprises with crucial security benefits like:

  • Understand app risks before deploying to your mobile ecosystem
  • Write mobile policies based on analysis and evidence
  • Prevent introducing holes into your mobile security policy
  • Avoid costly data leaks through poorly designed and malicious apps
  • Power a safe, productive BYOD environment for end users
  • Maintain end user privacy and device performance
Sample Report:

Analyze Android and iOS apps, with classification if malware.

Sample Report:
Developer Details

Get full developer details including issuing authority.

Sample Report:

Drill down into each insight, like the specific servers and domains the app communicates with.

Sample Report:

See all on-device permissions the app will have, including the risk priority designation.

Sample Report:
Data Leakage

Identify details about any data leakages, including each server and what specific data is leaked.


Mobile App Reputation Service (MARS)

On-demand App Analysis

Skycure’s MARS gives enterprises the power to prevent data leakage from risky mobile apps by delivering intelligence on app behaviors so that you can make the right decisions and enforce the right policies. Each app will be analyzed by each of Skycure’s engines: static analysis, dynamic analysis, behavioral analysis, crowd wisdom, developer reputation, and more, then provide a report that includes:

  1. Is this app malware?
  2. What is this app’s malware classification?
  3. Who is the developer of this app?
  4. What resources does this app attempt to access (installation and run-time permissions, for example)?
  5. What remote servers does this app communicate with? Where are they located?
  6. What data might this app may be leaking?
Based on Skycure’s Award-winning Automated Analysis

As an integral part of the Mobile Threat Defense solution, Skycure’s automated app analysis identifies and protects from malicious apps in real time, using a global network of crowd-sourced intelligence to analyze millions of apps. We apply a rapid analysis to protect from real-time threats, and may instantly block and remove the installation file. Here is what happens behind the scenes in the automated mode:

  1. Collect apps from across the globe, as they are accessed from app stores, websites and other sources.
  2. Analyze these apps by passing them through Skycure MARS, which runs a comprehensive series of tests on every app that records key information about that app.
  3. Classify each app then categorizing it as low, medium or high severity, and providing appropriate  details when an app is found to be unsafe.
Analyze any iOS or Android app

Skycure gives enterprises a quick, easy way to perform on-demand testing for any app they choose. Simply use the Skycure Console to upload an APK or IPA file, or point directly to an app located in an app store. Either option will run the app through our comprehensive app analysis system. Once the analysis is complete, enterprises will have a detailed report on the app, and can make informed decisions about the use or further development of the app.