Skycure Mobile Threat Defense

Risk-based Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Mobile threat defense tools [that] use a mix of vulnerability management, anomaly detection, behavioral profiling, code emulation, intrusion prevention, host firewalling and transport security technologies to defend mobile devices and applications from advanced threats.

Mobile devices are more than just small computers in continuous use with perpetual connections to the Internet. The operating paradigm of these devices calls for new approaches to ensure the data processed by them remains secure while maintaining productivity.

Skycure’s risk-based mobile threat defense solution is designed from the ground up to defend against all threats that put business data at risk of exposure, theft and manipulation, while respecting users’ need for privacy, productivity and a great mobile experience.

Mobile threat defense against all attack vectors

Malware Defense
Network Defense
Vulnerability Defense
Physical Defense
Malware Defense
Malware Defense

Apps are the lifeblood of every mobile device, and a key area of vulnerability. Malware can be delivered through unapproved, third-party app stores (sometimes via first-party app stores as well), personal computers or wirelessly via cellular, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Malware can look exactly like legitimate apps with no obvious indication of bad behavior.

Examples of Malware Risks:
Repackaged apps
Skycure's Defense:
  • Multi-layered detection and analysis based on a broad set of parameters, including signatures, user behavioral, static/dynamic analysis, source origin, structure, permissions, and 3rd party blacklists.
  • Crowd-sourced intelligence, combined with machine learning, helps to identify legitimate and malicious apps
  • On-device detection and initial incremental app analysis, coordinating with the cloud-server as necessary for secondary analysis
  • Use Mobile App Reputation Service (MARS) strategies to determine app risk
  • Block installation of apps identified as suspicious or malicious
Network Defense
Network Defense

Mobile devices, unlike PCs, connect to tens or hundreds of different networks in the course of a week or a day, dramatically increasing the risk of exposure to malicious Man-in-the-Middle network-based attacks, or even just misconfigured routers that innocently expose sensitive business data to anyone who may come across it.

Examples of Network Risks:
SSL Decryption
SSL Stripping
Content Manipulation
ARP Spoofing
Skycure's Defense:
  • Patented Active Honeypot technology instantly determines if any new network connection is properly configured and trustworthy.
  • Crowd-sourced intelligence helps to identify legitimate and malicious networks.
  • Under attack, automatically stop communicating with sensitive corporate resources using Selective Resource Protection (SRP). Non-sensitive communications remain active for personal productivity.
  • Secure Connection Protection (SCP) automatically activates Skycure or 3rd party VPN to encrypt all communications only for the duration of the attack.
Vulnerability Defense
Vulnerability Defense

No software is perfect. Hackers work diligently to identify the weak points that may be exploited before the developers discover them and patch them in updates. Vulnerabilities may be exploited through multiple entry points, including messaging, web links, malware, networks and others.

Skycure's Defense:
  • Skycure continuously monitors platform integrity through a broad array of checks and inspections
  • Machine learning assists in anomaly detection and behavioral profiling to determine malicious behavior and unauthorized activities within the device.
  • Skycure’s unique OS Upgradability feature informs IT teams of the available security updates event before Apple and Google
Physical Defense
Physical Defense

Mobile devices are much more likely to be lost or stolen than traditional computers, providing hackers with physical access to the device. EMM partners typically provide some of the basic physical security measures, such as lock and wipe, or Skycure offers lightweight MDM functionality if the customer does not have an EMM.

Examples of Physical Risks:
Stolen device - unauthorized access
USB debugging
Skycure's Defense:
  • Tight integration with all of the leading EMM vendors
  • Bi-directional communications about device compliance for policy enforcement
  • Skycure provides limited MDM functionality when no EMM is in place.
Learn about all of the mobile threat vectors in the SANS Institute white paper.

Layered Security

On Device

The mobile device itself is the first line of defense against any attack and Skycure enables it to detect threats and protect itself, with or without a network connection. The on-device security:

  • Protects sensitive information on the device and accessed through the device
  • Blocks malicious exploits from compromising the inherent security of the device
  • Shares information about the apps, networks and OS updates it encounters through the crowd-sourced database to improve the security of all devices globally.
Crowd-sourced Intelligence

Skycure apps behave as globally distributed sensors, collecting information about everything they encounter, both good and bad. The crowd-sourced intelligence database:

  • Uniquely captures rich data about apps, networks, OS updates and more
  • Is an essential element in the detection and protection from zero-day exploits
  • Contains the cumulative knowledge of all deployed Skycure apps and contributes to Skycure’s ability to identify exploits other solutions miss with near-zero false positives.
Cloud Server

Skycure’s cloud server is the central hub of the Skycure solution, collecting intelligence from multiple sources, analyzing it and providing unparalleled visibility to IT. The Cloud Server:

  • Performs incremental analysis as requested to reduce the burden on each device
  • Analyzes mobile risk based on device, crowd and other third-party sources
  • Aggregates data to provide risk-based summaries and responses for each device and the organization as a whole, including prioritized risk-reduction recommendations.
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