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13 Nov, 2012 | By

Rona Segev-Gal, General Partner at Pitango, joins the Board of Directors

Tel-Aviv, November 13, 2012 – Skycure, a mobile firewall software company, announced today it has closed a $3 million seed round led by Pitango Venture Capital with participation of industry leading private investors.

Founded in May 2012 by Yair Amit & Adi Sharabani, Skycure revolutionizes the way mobile devices are protected, by introducing a mobile firewall that addresses emerging security threats without compromising usability, privacy or battery life. Skycure enables organizations to embrace the BYOD movement but still provide strong control and protection.
Skycure’s patent-pending technology employs a dual protection mechanism, which consists of a client-side firewall that resides on the device and protects it 24/7, together with a server-side service that provides heavy lifting analysis. “Skycure’s technology aims to protect against all network threats, such as corporate data leakage, malicious malware, wireless network attacks, and exploitation of vulnerable apps”, said Adi Sharabani, Skycure’s CEO.
A simple example of one of Skycure’s capabilities is offering a seamless protection to “Man-in-The-Middle” (MiTM) attacks, one of the most common network-based threats nowadays. “The common scenario of connecting to the local coffee shop wireless network becomes a corporate nightmare”, said Sharabani. “Malicious attackers can easily gain remote control over the victim’s device long after they have logged off of the coffee shop’s network and access internal corporate resources, while impersonating the victim’s identity. This is an ideal tool for hackers to break into enterprise networks, which we can easily block”, Sharabani added.
Rona Segev-Gal, General Partner at Pitango Venture Capital, who joins the company’s board, said: “As the mobile era evolves, it becomes clearer that networks are no longer confined to physical locations, resulting in unique security challenges that are not solved by current solutions. We are impressed by Adi and Yair and strongly believe in their ability to build a groundbreaking Mobile Security company.”
Skycure presents today (Tuesday, November 13) at the 2nd International Homeland Security Conference in Tel-Aviv, and is planning to perform a live hacking demonstration at the Hack The Audience session.

About Pitango Venture Capital (www.pitango.com)

Pitango Venture Capital, the leading venture capital firm in Israel, has been investing in technology entrepreneurs since 1993. With offices in Israel and Silicon Valley, California, Pitango currently manages several venture funds totaling over $1.7 Billion in committed capital invested in more than 150 companies to date, among them companies that have gone public or have been acquired such as Anobit, acquired by Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL); Aeroscout, acquired by Stanley Healthcare Solutions; Provigent and Dune Networks, both acquired by Broadcom (NASDAQ: BRCM); Convergin (acquired by Oracle (NASDAQ:ORCL); Optonol, acquired by Alcon (NYSE:ACL); Ventor, acquired by Medtronic (NYSE: MDT) Pitango invests in high-growth companies in various stages, from seed and early stages to growth and late-stage, and supports them as they grow. Pitango’s investment focus includes: Communications; Networking & Storage; Wireless, Cellular and Mobile technologies; Enterprise Software, Internet and Media; Healthcare & Life Sciences, and Clean Technologies. Among AudioCodes (NASDAQ: AUDC); VocalTech (NASDAQ:VOCL);

About Skycure (www.skycure.com)

Skycure, a mobile security pioneer, revolutionizes the way mobile devices are protected by leveraging its patent-pending dual-protection technology to provide organizations with strong control and protection against emerging mobile security threats without compromising on user-experience, privacy or battery-life. Skycure’s solution is built from the ground up to accommodate the new characteristics of the mobile era, enabling seamless, system-wide and cross-platform protection for all mobile devices – wherever they are, whatever they do.
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