Mobile Threat Protection Against ALL Cyber Attacks

Skycure is proactive prevention, while the competition is reactive detection

Most Mobile Threat Defense solutions are passive tools that send notifications on detecting suspicious activity, and must rely on third-party solutions, like EMM, to take any action to protect corporate data. This is often too little and too late.

Skycure Mobile Threat Protection responds in real time, taking deliberate actions and leveraging machine learning to protect devices and the resources they connect to.

On-Device Mobile Threat Protection

The Skycure app protects with or without an Internet connection

  • Selective Resource Protection (SRP)

    Stops communications to IT defined sensitive resources when under a targeted network attack. Protected traffic will not even be allowed to leave the device, but non-sensitive activities may continue.

  • Malware Defense

    Malicious apps are identified and blocked before installation can take place, including zero-day malware not found in any signature database.

  • Message Defense

    Malicious MMS and SMS messages (e.g. Stagefright) are detected before they can cause any damage.

  • App2App Communication

    The Skycure app communicates directly to the local EMM app about any change in risk or compliance, in case Skycure communications are targeted selectively

On-Server Mobile Threat Protection

The Skycure app protects with or without an Internet connection

  • Visibility

    Educates admins and users giving “technical proof” behind identified incidents

  • Secure Connection Protection (SCP)

    A secure connection will be activated through Skycure’s native VPN or a third party VPN automatically, and remain active as long as a targeted network attack is taking place.

  • Enterprise Integrations

    Leverages existing security/compliance policies and systems such as EMM/MDM, SIEM/SOC, Exchange and others.

  • Notifications

    Policy-based alerts to admins and end users to ensure proactive security

OS Upgradability Alerts Keep You Safe

Get alerted on OS security updates before the official alerts from Apple or Google Mobile operating systems are regularly being updated, and most patches are to fix security holes. But you may not get a notice from Apple for days or weeks, and you may never get a notice for your particular Android device.

  • Apple users get alerted as soon as a new update is available anywhere in the world.

  • Android users get custom alerts for when an update is available for the particular hardware and service provider they are using – ONLY SKYCURE CAN DO THAT!

  • Skycure Admins can search for all devices that are OS upgradable

  • Skycure Admins can see the specific OS version and patch available for every device in their organization

Use EMM Integrations to Add Even More Protection Actions

Skycure has strong partnerships with all of the leading EMM/MDM players to provide the most comprehensive mobile security for our customers. Skycure supports multiple levels of integration, from simple app deployment and management to full bi-directional communication and compliance enforcement.