Skycure Assessment Tool – Supplemental Privacy Notice

We, at Skycure Ltd. (“Skycure”, “Us,” “we”, “our”), put great efforts in making sure that your personal information is safe and used properly.

This disclosure (“Disclosure”) explains our privacy practices for collecting and processing personal information through our Skycure Assessment Tool (the “Assessment Tool”). The Assessment Tool is a software application for which we provide you access when you request more information about our products and services. 

Your use of the Assessment Tool is also subject to the practices described in our general privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”). The current version of the Privacy Policy is available at:

Please refer to the relevant sections of the Privacy Policy, to understand how we share information with others; how we use cookies, web beacons and other tracking technologies; where we store and process your personal information; what opt-out and deletion options are available to you; how we secure your personal information, and other information about our privacy practices which we describe in the Privacy Policy and not in this Disclosure.

This Disclosure is specifically directed to our practices with respect to data collection and processing for the Assessment Tool. In case the Privacy Policy and this conflict, the terms under this Disclosure will apply to our operation of the Assessment Tool.

You are under no obligation to provide your consent to this Disclosure. However, if you do not provide your consent, you may not use the Assessment Tool.

When you use the Assessment Tool, certain devices you use to access the Assessment Tool will have access to multiple other devices on your network. Devices will be designated either as “Attacker Devices” or “Victim Devices

The Identifiable Information that you Provide

In order to access the Assessment Tool as an Attacker Device, you will need to provide your personal contact information, including your name and your email address.

In order to access the Assessment Tool as a Victim Device, you may need to provide your personal contact information, including your phone number and your email address.

You may also choose to provide us with additional information voluntarily, such as be contacting us or responding to our messages or forms.

The Identifiable Information that we Collect

As part of the demonstrations, personal information is collected, generated, captured, transferred to Skycure’s servers and then displayed on the Attacker’s Device.

The personal information may include:

  • Information about the Victim’s Device – such as browser user agent, device operating system, device current browser URL, the networks to which the device connected to and the Internet Protocol (IP) address.
  • Information about data input and output from the Victim’s Device
  • If you are using a device with an iOS operating system, our Assessment Tool may collect your email address, email password, information regarding the last email that was sent, information from any of your third-party services accounts such as information from your LinkedIn or Twitter account, and additional information, as may be needed for the purpose of the demonstration.

    If you are using a device with an Android operating system, our Assessment Tool may collect your email address, calendar meetings, contacts, operating system version, device model, IMEI, MAC address, unique device ID and OS build keys and determine if there is a GPU present, and additional information, as may be needed for the purpose of the demonstration.

  • Information generated by a user’s use of the Victim’s Device – such as any content inputs into the device while using the Assessment Tool and any data that is transmitted to and from the device while using the Assessment Tool.
  • Information generated, or captured by using the functions of the Victim Device – such as information received via the device’s recording function.
  • Information collected from the Attacker’s Device – when you access and use the Assessment Tool as an Attacker Device, our servers log certain traffic and session information from your device, such as your browser user agent and the Internet Protocol (IP) address.

We may collect other or additional information, as may be required for the purpose of the demonstration and we will notify you if any such additional information is required. Any processing of additional personal information will be made subject to this Disclosure.

What do we do with Identifiable Information?

We use the personal information that we collect and receive to provide the Assessment Tool to you, to enable the Assessment Tool’s tools and features, to study and analyze the functionality of the Assessment Tool, to provide support, to maintain the Assessment Tool, to make it better and to continue developing the Assessment Tool.

We may use your email address to contact you when necessary, to send you reminders and to provide you information and notices about the Assessment Tool and other Skycure services. We may include commercial and marketing information. As indicated in the Privacy Policy, you may choose to opt out of future marketing communications either by contacting us at or by following instructions in those communications.

At the end of your demonstration, Skycure may retain personal information collected by the Assessment Tool for as long as it is necessary and relevant for our operations. We may retain information collected from you to improve our operations and the Assessment Tool, to comply with the law, prevent fraud, resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems or assist with any investigation and take other actions permitted or required by law or disclosed in this Disclosure. 

Accessing Your Personal Information

At any time, you may contact us at: and request to access the identifiable information that we keep about you. We may need to ask you to provide us certain credentials to make sure that you are who you claim you are. If you find that the information on your account is not accurate, complete or updated, then please provide us the necessary information to correct it.

Changes to this Supplemental Privacy Disclosure

From time to time, we may change this Disclosure to meet technical, operational and legal changes. We will indicate that the substantial changes in the amended Disclosure upon your next log-in or we may send you a notice by email about the changes. You may choose to deny the amended Disclosure and terminate your use of the Assessment Tool. By continuing to use of the Assessment Tool after the new changes have taken effect, you indicate your consent to the amended Disclosure.

Note that if we need to adapt this Disclosure in response to legal requirements, the revised Disclosure will become effective immediately, or otherwise, as legally required.

Incorporation to the Terms of Use

This policy is an integral part of the demo license agreement.

Contact Us

Please contact us at: for further information.

Last updated: April 23, 2017.