Filling the Mobile Threat Management Gap
Modernize Your Enterprise Mobile Security
Skycure for AirWatch extends powerful Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) capabilities into areas formerly out of reach. It encapsulates vulnerabilities, threats and attacks originating from public WiFis and mobile networks, OS, apps, and user behavior. Once a device has been deemed risky by Skycure, that device can automatically be excluded from access to sensitive information or from the corporate network entirely till the time the risk persists. This multilevel approach to mobile security is needed to outpace today’s well-funded, highly socialized hackers.
Fully Embrace BYOD & the Mobile Workforce

Better Corporate Resilience
Skycure for AirWatch adds real-time visibility over any active mobile threat, targeted cyber attack and vulnerability that may be compromising your workforce’s managed and BYOD devices. Centralize risk, security, and compliance management with policy enforcement over all mobile endpoints.
Enhance security analytics. Better business outcomes.

Mobile Threat Intelligence
The best way to manage the rising costs of data breaches and “shadow IT” is to be proactive in threat detection. Skycure for AirWatch harnesses predictive intelligence, crowd wisdom and its world-renowned research labs to build the most complete living picture of mobile threats.
Proactively stay ahead of attackers anywhere in the world.

Optimized User Experience
Skycure public mobile apps have a minimal footprint on devices, resulting in pleasant, non-invasive experiences. Only upon raising the risk score for a device by actively detecting a threat or attack, will Skycure for AirWatch stop access to sensitive information — and then automatically remediate the problem by enforcing the right policies.
Maintain mobile productivity 24/7.
Integrate Skycure with AirWatch
What does your mobile threat defense strategy look like? Implementing active threat defense on top of your mobility management solution ensures that your organization is protected. AirWatch and Skycure layer endpoint security that can evolve and protect against any type of mobile threat, be it, device, app or a network level cyber-attack. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to integrate Skycure with AirWatch to predict, detect, and protect against mobile cyber attacks. Join the following speakers:
Brian Katz
Brian Katz
Director of Mobile Strategy, VMware
Varun Kohli
Varun Kohli
Vice President, Skycure
Success Story
RNDC is the second largest distributor of beer and wine in the U.S. The video highlights the reasons why they chose a combination of VMWare AirWatch and Skycure to secure all their mobile devices.
Our Partnership with AirWatch by VMware
Skycure is a charter member of the AirWatch Mobile Security Alliance, committed to contributing vital insights to the AirWatch community. Ourleadership in collecting and processing data lakes of mobile threat intelligence has been pivotal in evolving modern mobile security strategies at many enterprises and government organizations.
“Skycure’s security and threat prevention capabilities fit seamlessly into the AirWatch Mobile Security Alliance. Together we allow customers to focus on enabling business mobility rather than dealing with the complexities of managing and securing devices.”
— Erik Freiberg, Vice President, End-User Computing, VMware
Skycure for AirWatch
Skycure for AirWatch is an advanced integration that fully allows you to deploy a risk-based mobile security strategy. Upon flagging a device as high risk, Skycure for AirWatch can block access to sensitive information and enforce other policies, which can easily be authored via a simple central management portal.
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This Product Overview covers the Skycure for AirWatch EMM integration for defending against network, malware and application level attacks.

Forrester Research (with Skycure) touts the importance of augmenting EMM with Mobile Threat Defense to enable “Risk-based Mobile Security”

Brief technical demonstration video on the integration between Skycure Mobile Threat Defense and AirWatch EMM.

Download this whitepaper to learn why current mobile security approaches fail and what the next generation mobile security technologies look like.