Extend Citrix XenMobile with Intelligent Mobile Threat Defense

Modernize Your Enterprise Mobile Security

Skycure for Citrix XenMobile extends your organization’s mobile security with next-generation Mobile Threat Defense capabilities: proactively detect and automatically remediate known and unknown threats, vulnerabilities and active attacks across all mobile attack vectors. Integrate Skycure with Citrix’s XenMobile now to protect 100% of your mobile devices—practice mobile-first, BYOD-friendly business with no compromises.

Embrace BYOD and the Mobile Workforce

Continuity & Resilience

The best way to manage the rising costs of data breaches and “shadow IT” is to be proactive in threat detection. Skycure for Citrix XenMobile harnesses predictive intelligence, machine learning, crowd wisdom and world-renowned research to build the most complete living picture of mobile threats.

Stay ahead of attackers anywhere in the world.
Mobile Threat Intelligence

Skycure for Citrix adds real-time visibility to XenMobile over any active mobile threat, targeted attack and vulnerability that may be compromising your workforce’s managed and BYO devices. Centralize risk, security, and compliance management with XenMobile policy enforcement over all mobile endpoints.

Enhance security analytics and optimize threat response.
Optimized User Experience

Skycure public mobile apps have a minimal footprint on devices, resulting in pleasant, non-invasive experiences. Only upon raising the risk score for a device by actively detecting a threat or attack, will Skycure for Citrix stop access to sensitive information — and then automatically remediate the problem by enforcing the right policies.

Maintain mobile productivity 24/7.
Forrester Research Webinar promotes “Risk-based Mobile Security” by adding Mobile Threat Defense to EMM

“Mobile security isn’t about any particular one item. It’s actually about using context to provide security to network transmissions and using context to supply security to applications.”

— Tyler Shields, Senior Analyst, Security and Risk, Forrester Research

Integrate Skycure with Citrix XenMobile

This advanced integration empowers you to deploy a risk-based mobile security strategy. Upon flagging a device as high risk, Skycure informs XenMobile as non-compliant so that mobile policies will be enforced, such as blocking access to sensitive information.