Auto-enforce Email Compliance on CYOD, BYOD and COPE Devices without Disrupting User Experience and Privacy
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Stays Ahead of Threats and Vulnerabilities
Skycure for Exchange allows Skycure’s always-on app to auto-protect corporate MS Exchange email accounts when Skycure Risk Scores change upon detecting a threat, attack or vulnerability. Only Skycure actively predicts, detects and prevents threats across all mobile attack vectors—while using only a minimal footprint on devices.
Smart, Proactive Mobile Email Security
With Skycure for Exchange, IT teams can (in real-time) auto-detect and auto-remediate data leakage, malware, viruses, risky user behavior and other threats linked to mobile corporate email. Skycure for Exchange optimizes experiences for both IT security teams and mobile users—keeping COPE, CYOD and BYOD users ahead of mobile email attackers anywhere in the world. MS Exchange email access can be automatically denied if users make any of their devices “naked” by closing the always-on Skycure app.
“Not only does Skycure for Exchange help us protect our company from mobile threats, it helps us enforce security policy. We can now easily see which devices are complying with mobile security policy and which aren’t. Any device that does not have Skycure installed is automatically blocked from accessing email.”
–Amir Kadar, Director of IT for Ceragon Networks
Skycure for MS Exchange and Office 365