Risk-based and compliance-based security for managed and unmanaged devices without disrupting user experience and privacy
Stays Ahead of Threats and Vulnerabilities
Skycure’s Microsoft integration allows enterprises to secure mobile devices by leveraging data from three dimensions – user identity, device identity and real-time risk. The integration allows Intune and Azure Active Directory to dynamically control mobile access to corporate resources and data based on Skycure’s real-time risk and compliance analysis.
Enterprise Use Cases

On-device Access Control
Skycure’s Microsoft integration adds automated protection (not just detection) against any active mobile threat, targeted cyber attack and vulnerability that may be compromising your workforce’s managed and BYOD devices. This can be used to enforce both risk-based and compliance-based access control, ensuring that devices are risk-free and secure before accessing corporate resources.
Always-ON protection with or without Internet.

Mobile Threat Intelligence
The best way to manage the rising costs of data breaches and “shadow IT” is to be proactive in threat detection. Skycure’s Microsoft integration analyzes millions of apps and networks and harnesses predictive intelligence, crowd wisdom and world-renowned research to build the most complete living picture of mobile threats.
Proactively stay ahead of attackers anywhere in the world.

Guaranteed User Privacy
Skycure mobile app uses approved public APIs and does not require sideloading. This not only helps with easier deployment and maintenance, but also with protecting end-user privacy, a key requirement in certain geographies and industries. Only upon raising the risk score for a device by actively detecting a threat or attack, will Skycure’s Microsoft integration stop access to sensitive information — and then automatically remediate the problem by enforcing the right policies.
No Sideloading. 100% User Privacy.
Integrate Microsoft with Skycure TODAY.

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