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Skycure’s Solution 

Skycure’s holistic and seamless solution for organizational mobile security needs includes mobile apps, remote server logic, and a hosted management application.

Skycure’s solution can be deployed in organizations with or without mobile device management (MDM) software. Cloud-based and on-premise deployment are also supported.


Features: Security

Skycure’s Active Honeypot

Skycure utilizes its innovative Active Honeypot approach to secure mobile devices. Skycure’s active detection sensors identify when the device is under an attack and trigger protection against malicious activities on the network.

Continuous Detection

Conducting continuous behavioral analysis of device and wireless network activity, Skycure’s solution keeps the hackers out. Skycure detects a wide range of security vulnerabilities – from SSL stripping to malicious profiles.

Selective Protection

Skycure protects mobile devices selectively in accordance with specific IT policies, without interfering with the day-to-day use. Skycure’s solution also educates users on threats and suggests corrective actions.

Crowd Wisdom

Skycure’s security capabilities are further magnified by the collective knowledge automatically generated by Skycure’s customers. Through crowdsourcing, Skycure can secure mobile devices everywhere, more effectively.

Features: Management


Skycure provides unparalleled visibility into your organization’s state of mobile security. With real-time snapshots of the mobile devices’ vulnerability level, Skycure’s Management Console reveals how exposed your sensitive organizational resources are.

Users & Devices

Through the management console, IT managers can manage users and their devices simply and intuitively. As an administrator you can add, remove, investigate, monitor, set and deploy configuration for the users and their devices.

Policy Configuration

Skycure enables you to securely adopt BYOD without compromising end-users privacy. With Skycure’s policy configuration tools, you can establish and enforce security policies to comply with your own IT needs.


Skycure’s management console offers you a wide range of reports based on Skycure’s proprietary activity stream, providing you with visibility and awareness like never before.

Features: Mobile Apps


Skycure’s solution is built to ensure a seamless experience. Skycure’s mobile apps for iOS and Android are designed to run in the background without affecting usability, performance, or battery consumption.

Device-Level Security

Skycure’s patent-pending technology offers a holistic device-level approach to securing mobile devices from internal and external threats.

Alerting and Mitigation

Skycure’s mobile apps alert the user in real-time when the device’s security is compromised. The apps also provide the user with mitigation steps and educational content to help better secure the mobile device.

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