Mobile Threat Defense
Skycure Mobile Security solutions provide proactive protection and predictive intelligence to help organizations and their mobile users stay ahead of attackers anywhere in the world. Skycure secures BYO and corporate-owned mobile devices against known and unknown threats. Organizations can close all of their mobile vulnerability gaps with Skycure including network-based threats, malware and other targeted attacks. Skycure mobile user experiences are painless, providing continuous defense without compromising user privacy or adding extra burden to IT.
Minimal IT Load
Battery Performance
User Experience
Mobilize Without Compromise
Malware Defense
Skycure uses a multi-layered approach to detect malware based on parameters such as signatures, user behavioral, static/dynamic analysis, source origin, structure and permissions. Many available blacklists of malicious applications are also leveraged in the analysis.
  • Defend against malicious repackaged apps
  • Monitor, analyze and detect anomalies in both new and already installed apps
  • Receive a Skycure Risk Score for the apps and integrate it with existing risk management solutions
  • Enact guided incident responses against mobile malware and spyware.
Network Defense
Network-based mobile attacks are the biggest threat to any organization today. Mobile devices connect to networks ten times more often than other endpoints. Skycure utilizes its patented Active Honeypot approach to proactively secure mobile devices against network-based attacks.
  • Helping with detection, blocking and remediation of malicious iOS profiles
  • Safeguarding corporate credentials from networks performing Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attacks
  • Securely tunneling traffic through Skycure VPN when under active threat
  • Integrating with corporate VPN (such as Check Point) to block access to sensitive assets while a device is connected to a high-risk network.
OS Level Defense
Attackers take advantage of very specific security holes in mobile applications, software libraries and mobile operating systems to replace normal software functionality with malicious functionality. Discovering all vulnerabilities may require a great amount of time, effort and deep research. Dedicated Skycure research teams focus on staying ahead of attackers and providing enterprises with the most comprehensive protection.
  • Detecting and protecting against unknown vulnerability exploits
  • Uncovering zero-day vulnerabilities (such as Invisible Malicious Profiles) in apps and operating systems while also informing the respective vendors
  • Detecting exploits of known vulnerabilities such as the Heartbleed bug and HTTP Request Hijacking
  • Educating and alerting users about pending security fixes and notifying IT security staff.
Physical Defense
Skycure can either integrate with an existing corporate Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution (such as AirWatch or MobileIron) or provide native MDM functionality
  • Remote wipe in case a device is lost or compromised
  • Passcode lock to protect corporate information
  • Detection and protection for USB Debugging, jailbroken/rooted devices
  • Comprehensive reporting on devices, users and groups
Mobile Threat Intelligence: Predict, Detect, Prevent
Skycure is a pioneer and sole provider of mobile threat intelligence data. Information on threats and attacks are publicly shared by Skycure at Skycure protects businesses 24/7, by predicting, detecting and preventing attacks before they can intrude along the full range of mobile attack vectors.
Crowd Wisdom Combined With Machine Learning
Skycure protects against zero-day attacks leveraging the most effective mobile security community in the world. Skycure transforms devices into sensors via publicly available iOS and Android apps, which feed non-private information to the Skycure Threats Analysis Engine, constantly improving the security posture of all Skycure customers.
Benefits for
Benefits for
Proactive Multi-Vector Defense
Skycure can stand-alone or integrate with existing MDM to upgrade reactive mobile security into proactive, multi-vector defense. Skycure apps actively identify and protect against threats and vulnerabilities along all mobile attack vectors.
Real-Time Visibility and Reporting
The Skycure security dashboard provides complete visibility and reporting on affected devices and users, compliance policy violations, suspicious networks and applications, incidents based on geographical locations, OS versions and vulnerabilities, device health status (including detection of jailbroken/rooted devices) and more.
Enterprise Integrations
Skycure can be deployed in the cloud within minutes, integrating, if desired, with existing MDM, VPN, Exchange, SIEM and other enterprise systems.
Easy Deployment
Skycure is simple to download and does not change the device or how the device is used. Users can continue to enjoy their favorite apps and access information in the same familiar way.
Non-Invasive User Experiences
Users can run Skycure in the background without draining battery power, over-spending on data plan usage or disrupting productivity. BYOD users prefer Skycure over exposing private information to legacy mobile security measures (e.g., VPN tunneling) or impacting their user experience by solutions that require a change in their behavior (e.g., containerization).
24×7 Protection
Unlike traditional end-points, mobile devices are ALWAYS ON. This requires a different security mindset to offer protection against advanced attacks. Skycure acts like a transparent 24×7 digital “guardian angel” that protects both private and company data from hackers.