Why Skycure?

Skycure is the proven leader in Mobile Threat Defense because it simply is more effective at proactively protecting mobile devices from the broadest range of known and unknown threats, while delivering a seamless experience for users and unparalleled visibility and depth of intelligence for enterprise security IT admins and Chief Information Security Officers (CISO).

Skycure customers rave about the rich, actionable information in our cloud server console and the confidence to move forward with mobility initiatives that improve the ability to execute on business objectives. Direct feedback from Fortune 500 customers who have done their homework continue to validate the Skycure approach and effectiveness of our technology.

The sections below highlight the top reasons why Skycure is the leader among mobile security companies and stands above the competition in performance and customer confidence.

Holistic, Layered Mobile Security
Complete mobile protection with device, crowd and server-level intelligence in a single solution

Underlying the alerts and protective actions of the Skycure app and cloud-based server is the most advanced mobile security technology available today. While most mobile security companies focus on a single threat vector, or a single layer of analysis, Skycure researchers know that the best way to protect mobile devices is to think like hackers and build a multi-layered system to simultaneously protect against every mobile threat vector from the ground up.

Public App
Comprehensive, future-proof protection, without risking reliance on private APIs

Skycure has created technology that delivers comprehensive Mobile Threat Defense capabilities against all mobile threat vectors while complying with the OS vendor’s policies and using only approved public APIs. This allows a fully capable app that is publicly available via the App Store and Google Play, greatly simplifying installation, supporting seamless deployment of updates, and future-proofing full functionality against removal of deprecated private APIs.

Automated Protection, Not Just Detection
A warning is only as good as your ability to do something about it

The majority of mobile security solutions offered by mobile security companies are designed to alert when something bad has happened, yet are unable to protect the device ahead of the breach without user or 3rd-party solutions. Skycure has multiple protection methods built into the mobile app to proactively protect the device and connected resources. Skycure uses a broad array of mechanisms, including machine learning, capable of predicting, identifying and actively protecting from a wide variety of immediate threats.

Massive Crowd-sourced Threat Intelligence
Leverage global intelligence to protect from novel and zero-day exploits

There is only so much intelligence that can be gathered from a single device or organization. Skycure uses its combined global population of mobile devices as sensors to feed its crowd-sourced mobile threat intelligence database. With visibility into millions of legitimate and malicious apps, benign and suspicious networks, and even distribution of specific device configurations, Skycure is uniquely able to predict and anticipate zero-day mobile threats, notify users and protect devices before anything bad can happen, unlike other mobile security companies.

Unparalleled Cybersecurity Research
The only way to stay ahead of hackers is to do more research than they do

Skycure Research Labs continues to uncover more mobile vulnerabilities and malicious exploits than any other single organization. These efforts feed Skycure’s deep analysis engines and augment the crowd-sourced intelligence to identify and protect from the greatest variety of risks and exploits of any mobile threat defense solution. Discoveries from Skycure Research Labs includes: LinkedOut, WiFiGate, Invisible Malicious Profile, Malicious iOS Profiles, HTTP Request Hijacking, No iOS Zone, Shared Cookie Stores, Accessibility Clickjacking.

Mobile Threat Defense Benefits That Only Skycure Has

Unique Benefits Skycure
Physical Defense
Native Physical Defense option
Network Defense
Automatic secure connection (VPN) during attack
Automatic protection of sensitive corporate resources
Automatic blocking of connection to fake corporate Wi-Fi
Allow connectivity to non-sensitive resources during attack
Crowd-sourced intelligence to identify malicious networks
Application Defense
Repackaged app detection (without signatures)
Reputation scoring based on multiple factors
Detection of behavioral anomaly exploits
Crowd-sourced intelligence for zero-day protection
Vulnerability Defense
Automatic notification of relevant security updates
Detection of invisible & malicious iOS profiles
Zero-day threat protection from OS vulnerabilities
Highlight the risk imposed by a given vulnerability
Enterprise Requirements
Public app for zero-touch deployment and updates
Doesn’t rely on private APIs that may disappear
100% cloud-based solution
Automatic recommendation of actions to reduce risk
Broad enterprise integrations – MDM, VPN, SIEM, Email, etc.
Employee Requirements
Zero-touch public availability of apps
End-user privacy is guaranteed
No impact on user experience, performance or battery (never above 3%)